I Forgive You

It takes a strong woman to love you through your flaws, love you through your mistakes you didnā€™t mean to make. It takes a strong woman to carry the bulk of our relationship just so our future could light up a bit. I know your use to people leaving you and that had to be miserable but Truth is itā€™ll be hard to live without you so donā€™t ever think your easily disposable. God gave me grace today and made me understand what forgiveness is, it means that I choose to focus on your accomplishments and not the foolish actions that we forbid. He reminded me that no human is perfect but the one He chose for me to love is more than worth it. Iā€™ll continue to carry this growing legacy, a journey of unconditional love between you and me. Have you ever been loved this deep?

-BenayiaLove March 02, 2018

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